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Pulse Menu - a restaurant app


Project purposes

Creating an app for restaurants to improve customer service

One of the most helpful apps in everyday life has revolutionized the food ordering system. As a resto app, Pulse Menu provides complex solutions for restaurants. Customers can explore all of the menu positions with ease. Everything is in one place, including:

  • product listing, 
  • product pages, 
  • menu, 
  • order list. 

Waiting for the service may take time. Your customer can spend it while playing a few popular mini-games like snake, memory, or puzzle. Pulse Menu aims to improve the restaurant experience.


Facilitating the food service in restaurants

At rush hours, the food service staff often do not keep up with taking orders, and the risk of errors increases. Our goal was to create a product that could make restaurant services faster and more efficient.

  1. Creating a functional product that can be easily customized by individual restaurants,
  2. Providing a resto app which is easy to use for average customers
  3. Creating a connection between the app and kitchen-based software


Scope of work

UX/UI  ·  Android  ·  Web   ·  Backend 


Menu app for different restaurants style



A restaurant app to order food with ease

To minimise the aforementioned risks, we created an app that helps to modernize and facilitate ordering system in restaurants.

Pulse Menu allows saving time and eliminates errors in orders. Instead of the classic menu, the customers use a tablet placed on the table. By using it, they can place an order more comfortably. 

Moreover, the app enables your clients to spend their time more enjoyably. The games implemented within the software will offer them a pleasurable pastime. Also check out other applications that will help you organize your work and communication: Cool Running - Logistic management applications in food service industry,   Exhibit-E application for art galleriesDiamond Stock Management - a diamond stock management application and ASK Expertise - Application for communication

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